Jipujij'kuei Kuespem
Nature Park
Route 360

Come and enjoy the peaceful tranquillity of a stay at one of the most natural parks in Newfoundland.

There are 22 camp sites located within the park, some are near the lake and others are nested within the evergreen forest.


A hiking trail is located near camp site 15. Once completed, this trail will extend around the entire perimeter of the park.


If you are planning a trip to the park, don't forget your boat, or your fishing rod. The park offers a chance to do some good boating and a chance to catch some fine brook trout. What better way to spend an afternoon?


Conne River Reserve, the only Micmac Reserve on the Island of Newfoundland is located 12km from the park. It offers a chance to purchase gas, diesel, food, or propane, before you depart to a new location.

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An Old Growth Forest near the park
containing Rare Boreal Felt Lichen
known as Erioderma.

Email or call Colleen Lambert: recreation@mfngov.ca (709)-882-2470

Route 360
149km south from Grand Falls
(709) 882-2470

The park is open from May to September.

All camp site fees are $10.00 per night.

For further information call 709-882-2470
or Fax 709-882-2292.


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